Why a Puerto Rican flag could cost $5.8 billion

The Puerto Rican Flag is a symbol of Puerto Rico’s sovereignty and independence, and it has been a symbol in the U.S. since the 1789 U.N. declaration of independence from Spain.

The flag is currently the official emblem of Puerto Rican government and the island’s government has never publicly announced its cost to fly.

However, in a recent report, The Wall Street Journal and ProPublica estimated the cost of the Puerto Rican national flag at $5,873,068.

This is about the same as the cost to install the current flag on the island.

The cost of an entire island, which includes its infrastructure, is far greater than just one flag.

To put the cost in perspective, the U:Cost of an Olympic stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, would cost $2.4 billion.

Puerto Rico is the fourth-most populous U. S. territory and the fifth-most densely populated.

This means that the cost is about 10 times higher than a single flag, or even the cost for a single plane, according to a report from the U of R’s Center for Puerto Rican Studies.

The costs to fly the Puerto Rico flag were estimated to be $1.9 billion.

A Puerto Rican Government source explained that it would take several years for the flag to be installed.

The Department of the Interior is responsible for funding and designing the Puerto Rica flag, and is currently working with the island government to get it installed.

This will likely cost millions of dollars.

The Puerto Rico Government said it will not have any plans to change the flag until the island has paid its debt.

The U.K. government and its overseas allies have also raised concerns about the cost, particularly when compared to the costs of flying the U-N flag.

The British government, in an official statement, said the costs were “not just prohibitive but unacceptable,” according to the Associated Press.