When we were kids, it was all about ‘mahogany’ and ‘brown’

When we grew up in rural New South Wales, it felt like we were always on the lookout for new things to get into.

For me, that was mahogany.

When we went to school, we all wore our clothes and hats in brown.

We wore a lot of different coloured things.

Brown and white were a little more traditional, but brown and black were really popular.

We’d have to go shopping and the only place we ever wore brown was at the farmers market.

My mum would always wear brown and white and she always had her head covered and she’d get her hair done in brown and she would always go to the grocery store with her hair in black.

But we always had our own style.

My mum would be like, ‘I love my brown and I love my black and I want to wear them too’.

I used to wear my hair in a black and brown braided style.

I used to have these brown hairpins.

I used them to put my hair on.

I’d always put my nails in brown, because it was my favourite colour.

At first, I thought, ‘Oh my god, I should be wearing black and white.’

We would have a big party, like a barbeque or a barbecue, and then we would wear brown.

It was the most fun.

We would wear the same outfit for a month or two.

My mom would always bring brown and we’d do the same thing, but I’d wear black and black.

It was just so much fun.

In my day, brown and brown were a big part of our family.

My dad would always make brown and blue jeans for us.

My mother would bring brown, white and black to school.

My sister would always get her brown hair done by brown and purple.

Brown and black, they’re my colour of choice, but you could have brown and a black, a black hat, brown shoes, brown socks, a brown shirt, brown gloves, a pink tie, brown jeans, brown boots, brown hat and brown hair.