When rice is more than just rice

In an effort to combat rising global food prices, India has launched a programme to encourage rice farmers to switch from the traditional method of cultivating their crop to a cropping system that uses a basmati-rice mash.

According to Reuters, the Indian government has set up a fund that is expected to grow by a third in the next five years.

The rice scheme will be aimed at boosting the rural rice industry.

The aim is to promote the production of basmatis rice, a non-fertilised rice cultivar that can be harvested from local fields.

The move has been lauded by the World Bank and other international donors who see the rice-to-rice conversion as an important way to tackle food inflation.

The programme is part of a push by the government to curb the rising costs of rice imports and export.

In February, the government announced a 10 per cent rise in rice prices.

Reuters reports that the government said it hopes the scheme will help to increase rice yields by at least 20 per cent.

The government hopes the rice programme will help rice farmers switch from traditional methods of cultivating rice to a crop system that relies on basmatI rice mash.Reuters