What’s next for Puerto Rico after the storm?

PORTUGAL — After the storm destroyed much of the island, many Puerto Ricans are struggling to make ends meet and many others are still recovering from the devastating impact.

In Puerto Rico, residents who still lack power or water are still reeling from the devastation.

Some are finding ways to survive without electricity or clean drinking water.

And now, there is a chance that Puerto Rico could experience another disaster as the island’s electricity grid is still down and supplies are limited, a state official told CNN.

The storm damaged more than half of Puerto Rico’s electrical grid, which is what most Puerto Ricos use to get electricity.

Power is only restored to a limited number of Puerto Ricas.

Many of the affected residents have taken to scavenging for supplies to keep them warm.

But the supplies they are finding are very limited.

They don’t have enough food, diapers, tampons, soap or other essentials that people need for the winter.

Some of the supplies that people have found are food, clothes, toilet paper and diapers.

They can’t get these items on a plane because of the weather conditions, said Maria Cristina Ruiz-Alvarez, the governor of Puerto Rican territory.

“We need help to get through this.

We need help,” she said.

We need people to bring supplies to the island.

So far, we have only received $20,000.

And we have to wait for another $40,000, Ruiz said.

Some people are trying to find other ways to feed themselves and their families.

The situation is so bad that some have even tried to steal food.

They’re asking the Puerto Rican people for help, she said, adding that some of the food that they are receiving is actually tainted.

The island’s economy is also in shambles.

The economy is down 50% since the storm hit.

The island’s unemployment rate is around 10%.

There are more than 60% of people without health insurance.

Puerto Rico is a US territory.