What to know about the death of Puerto Rico governor

The governor of Puerto Rican territory is on the brink of death.


Luis Fortuno is under medical care, and the island’s health care system has struggled since the death last week of a senior official, who was working on a major infrastructure project.

The state health agency said Friday that Fortune, 67, had a stroke on Sunday.

He had been undergoing treatment for a heart condition, the agency said.

It did not specify what type of condition he had.

Fortuno was the first Puerto Rican governor to announce his resignation on Wednesday, and he was not the first in recent memory to leave his post.

In 2013, Gov.

Luis Alejandro Garcia Padilla was forced to resign amid a corruption scandal.

In April 2016, Gov., Lupe Fortunu, was hospitalized after suffering a heart attack, and a month later was hospitalized again after suffering complications from pneumonia.

He was transferred to a hospital in Atlanta for more treatment.