This Is What You Get When You Sleep on Airbnb: It’s A Nightmare For The Homeless And The Homeless Who Can’t Stay At Home

Airbnb is offering a free room to homeless people in Puerto Rico, but they have to find another place to stay.

The San Francisco-based company announced Tuesday that it has partnered with a homeless shelter to offer people a room for free in Puerto Rican hotels.

It says it has offered more than 4,500 people rooms in the island.

Airbnb says that Puerto Rico has the highest number of homelessness people per capita in the world.

“We’re thrilled to partner with a local homeless shelter, which is helping hundreds of people find affordable housing,” Airbnb said in a statement.

The company said that it is now “providing free rooms to hundreds of Puerto Rican guests in a variety of locations across the island.”

Airbnb says it’s been “working closely with the shelter, local government, and local hotels to help meet their needs,” adding that the “unexpected partnership is a step forward in our commitment to address homelessness in Puerto Ricans communities.”

It also said that “all guests staying in our Airbnb hotels will be notified that they are eligible for a room.”

The company says that in addition to the free room, it’s also offering “a free Wi-Fi hotspot and a laundry service.”