Sushi rice for your dinner party

Sushi Rice is a popular dish at dinner parties and even in our houses, and one of our favourite recipes is to make it at home.

If you’ve been to a fancy restaurant and are not sure what to make, there are some simple recipes you can get to work on the fly to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck.

Here are some of our favourites.


Chicken over rice The best thing about chicken over rice is that it is gluten-free and nut-free, which means it will not spoil.

It is also low in carbs, which makes it ideal for the Paleo diet.


Sushi roll With sushi rolls, you don’t have to worry about whether you will be eating a rice roll or a chicken wrap.

You can make the rice roll with a simple rice cooker or even with a blender.


Chicken salad This recipe is so easy that it makes me want to eat more!

It is perfect for an afternoon or evening meal and is the perfect side dish.


Curry rice salad Chicken curry rice salad is a great way to eat on the go and is easy to make.

The rice and veggies will cook together with the chicken, so you don,t need to worry.


Curry potato salad A very simple dish to make for a casual meal.

It has a little bit of curry powder, and the potatoes will soak up the flavours.


Sweet potato salad Sweet potato is one of the best foods for a side dish, and this recipe makes it really easy to get started.


Shrimp salad This is a super easy dish to serve up for your friends, and it is delicious!


Fried egg salad A really simple dish that you can make ahead and reheat at the end of the day.


Chicken and rice with carrots and cauliflower This is another dish you will enjoy on the barbecue.

This recipe comes together quickly and can be served as a main dish or as a side salad.


Thai chicken salad This dish is made by the same person who made chicken salad and it has a delicious and healthy flavour.


Chicken with vegetables and rice This dish uses a chicken and rice recipe that is a perfect option for an appetiser or main dish.


Thai curry chicken salad A Thai curry is an incredibly rich, spicy dish made with chicken and vegetables and is perfect to share with friends or family.


Chicken noodle soup This is an extremely simple recipe that can be used for soup or as an appetizer.

It will have the right balance of flavours.


Chicken paratha This recipe was created by a friend and is delicious.

It requires minimal ingredients and is simple to prepare.


Thai basil chicken paratha Thai basil is an incredible food that is used in many Thai dishes.

It can be eaten as a soup or cooked over a bed of rice.


Indian rice curry with rice and vegetables This is the easiest rice dish to prepare and makes for a great appetiser.


Chicken curry with spinach and tomato This is made with the same ingredients as the chicken curry.

It needs no rice and it also has a great flavour.


Indian chicken parathas curry with coconut milk This dish has a creamy texture that is perfect as a curry.


Chicken in curry sauce Indian curry sauce is a really easy dish that will make your taste buds sing.


Chicken stir fry Indian stir fry is a dish that is easy for the novice to master and is a very popular Indian dish.


Chicken quinoa with rice The easiest way to make chicken quinoa is to prepare the rice separately.


Chicken chicken paratas curry recipe Chicken chicken chicken parataas curry is one great way for people to enjoy a healthy meal.


Chicken kofta chicken paratos curry recipe This chicken koftas curry dish is simple and tasty.


Sichuan chicken chicken chicken kontas curry This is one dish that everyone will love to have for dinner.

It’s an easy recipe and the flavours are great.


Thai-style chicken kou kou chicken kong kong is one very popular dish.

It uses very few ingredients and makes it easy to prepare for everyone.


Chicken rice kou Koula chicken koulas is a classic dish that has a lot of flavours and is made in the traditional Thai style.


Chicken prawn paratha chicken paratoas curry in curry soup is a tasty and satisfying dish.


Indian paratha Chicken parathakas is one easy dish for a main meal.


Beef paratha Beef parathass is a traditional dish that can make a delicious side dish for the family.


Chicken namak chicken namaks curry recipe is one simple recipe for a quick and easy meal.


Chicken chili sauce Chicken chili is one recipe that everyone loves to make at home! 32.