Singapore rice noodles: Vieques Puerto Rico’s Kimchi Fried Rice

VIEQOS PUERTO RICO, Sept. 29 (Reuters) – Singapore’s rice noodles are one of the most popular snacks in Cuba and the country has become a hot spot for foreign visitors, but they have been blamed for fuelling the spread of chicken over rice in the impoverished country.

The noodles are made from the flesh of an indigenous animal, rice and soy sauce.

The dish was once so popular that people had to travel hundreds of kilometres (miles) to get it.

But now it is hard to find it in the country, where the demand for the food has been rising.

The food is often sold as a snack, but there is a huge demand for it as a staple food for many Cubans.

The country has a growing middle class that has become addicted to the fast food craze, but some Cubans have complained about the poor quality of the noodles and their taste.

Last year, Singapore became the first major Southeast Asian nation to ban chicken over steamed rice, after it became popular with locals.

Cuba is a socialist island country that was once one of Asia’s largest and most advanced economies, but it has struggled with a series of economic and social crises in recent years, and food shortages are an increasing problem.

(Reporting by Ankit Bhattacharya; Editing by Sandra Maler)