Rice house is up by 2.3% as rice price rises

Rice house prices rose 0.2% on Friday to hit an all-time high, while the price of a slice of toast rose by 0.4% to hit a record high of $1.17 a slice.

The index of prices for bread rose 0% to 1,096.50, according to a Reuters survey.

The pound sterling rose to $1,266.27, while gold rose to 1.3417, while U.S. crude was up 0.5% to $45.40 a barrel.

The dollar index, which measures the greenback against a basket of 10 major currencies, rose 0-1.25% to 94.099.

The global index of wholesale energy, which tracks the prices of crude oil and natural gas, rose 1.1%, with gasoline prices up 2.4%.

The index of retail consumer sentiment, which includes a basket in which a basket consists of food, apparel, household and financial goods, was up 1.5%.