How to make rice cooker from scratch

I am using a recipe from Rice Cooker magazine, which I used to make my own rice cooker.

However, I would have loved to have gotten a few extra items to use as well.

I have no idea where the recipe came from, but it sounds really good.

 I decided to make the rice cooker by simply cooking a rice block in the rice cooker for 3 minutes, and then draining the rice, stirring, and boiling it.

I added some water to the pot as well, but this was only necessary for the first few minutes of cooking.

 As I am a vegetarian, I added a little olive oil to the bottom of the rice pot, which added a lot of flavor to the rice.

I used this recipe for my 3-quart rice cooker, but I could have easily made it for a larger pot or pot bigger.

The rice cooker comes with two pots and a lid.

The lid fits on the rice block and holds it in place.

I filled the bottom and sides of the pot with rice, and topped the lid with a towel to prevent the rice from burning.

This rice cooker makes 4 servings, so it can be doubled.

If you don’t have enough rice for 4 servings in a pot, you can just serve 1-2 servings in each of the 2 pots.

My rice cooker works great for me and for a few other people.

I am going to share more rice cooking recipes soon.

Posted by C.N. at 10:20 AM