How to make a Barbie clone

When you’re bored, it’s tempting to take your creativity to the next level and create your own Barbie clone.

The good news is, if you have a few minutes to spare you can create a clone with minimal effort.

The bad news is that if you make one you’ll likely be disappointed.

The best way to recreate a Barbie is by taking your design to the art world.

Here are the top 10 things to consider when you’re thinking of creating a Barbie doll.1.

How many doll-sized dolls can you make?

The answer depends on how big you want the doll to be.

You might want a little girl with a doll torso.

Or you might want to have a girl with an enormous head.

Or maybe you want to recreate the doll from your childhood.

Whatever you decide, the number of dolls you can make is dependent on your size.

It’s easy to make the same doll, but the more dolls you make the more complex the process becomes.

If you’re making more dolls than you can carry, then you need to make sure that you can move the dolls around so that they can be placed on shelves and drawers.2.

What size is the doll?

The number of doll-size dolls you need depends on the size of the doll you’re creating.

The Barbie doll is usually a little over two feet tall, but some doll-like dolls are about five to seven feet tall.

A doll of a different size is easier to move around.

A few dolls can be made to fit in a drawer, or to fit between shelves and other doll-shaped objects.3.

How big is the head?

A doll should be a little taller than the head you’re trying to recreate, but not too tall.

Make sure that the doll’s head is as tall as the head of the person you’re replicating it.

If it’s too short, the doll will have a head that’s too small.

If the doll has a head with a lot of hair, make sure the doll doesn’t have a big head, as you won’t be able to move the hair around.4.

What color are the dolls?

Barbie dolls are typically pink or brown, and they have a variety of skin tones.

You can make them with any color that you want, but you want them to be realistic.

If your doll has the right skin tone, you should have no problem finding them.

If not, then a doll that has a lighter skin tone could be a good choice.5.

What is the texture of the hair?

If you are making a doll with a head and a body, you want it to be smooth.

You don’t want a doll to have hair that’s thick, curly, or curly.

You want a smooth texture, so you don’t have to worry about the hair sticking up or sticking out of the body.

You also want to avoid knots or sticking to the body of the dolls.

If a doll has lots of hair in the form of strands, make a doll without that hair, as it will give the doll a very rough texture.6.

What are the eyes?

Your doll should have a clear-blue or green eye.

You could try using a brown or black eye to give it a cool, realistic look, but that depends on your doll.

You should also keep in mind that a doll’s eyes are shaped differently than the ones of a human.

Your doll’s eye shape should match that of your doll’s face.7.

What accessories should you use?

You should always keep your dolls accessories as realistic as possible.

If they look like a toy, then that’s fine, but don’t make them too complicated or expensive.

You’ll need accessories that will help you get your doll on the dolly and onto the shelf, or that you’ll be able with minimal maintenance to keep them on the shelf and draw them.8.

How do I paint the doll with paints?

You can use paints to make your dolls look more realistic.

For the purposes of this article, you don.t have to go crazy and buy all kinds of paints.

You simply need a paint that matches your doll body.

For example, you can buy a paint for your doll with yellow or orange paint and have your doll look like the toy you want.

It could also be a paint with blue or red paint that you’d like to use.

The paint you use should be something that doesn’t take up too much space on the table or shelf.

The paints that you purchase should be safe and will last a long time.9.

How to create the base of the base The base of a doll is the most important part of the creation process.

If there’s no base to base the doll on, the dolls head will be too small to be used as a head.

You need to build a base that you’re confident will fit in the doll body and also have enough height to be able lift the doll off the shelf without falling over. You will