How to help Costa Rica recover from Hurricane Maria

A year after Hurricane Maria swept across the Caribbean, the recovery effort for the country is still not complete.

The death toll from the Category 5 storm is still rising and the country’s health system is still reeling from the devastation caused by the hurricane, which has left millions homeless.

Here’s what you need to know about what’s happening in Costa Rica and how you can help.


Costa Rica is still recovering after Hurricane Jose Maria.

The storm knocked out power for more than 40,000 homes, shuttered businesses and caused widespread damage.

As a result, the island nation is still struggling to rebuild.

The economy is also still struggling, and the government has struggled to implement its austerity measures.

The country has not seen a new hurricane since the 1950s.

Its capital, Catarina, is still under heavy damage from Maria.

“There is still a lot of damage, but it’s a very, very small number,” Costa Rican President Teresa Silva told reporters Monday.

“We’ve been doing a lot, but we’re still struggling.”


Costa Rican families still don’t have access to electricity.

Electricity was restored to the majority of homes and businesses in the capital on Saturday.

But there are still many people living without electricity and it’s not clear how long the power will last.

A small number of residents in the city of Catarinas were able to receive electricity on Monday, but the majority remain without power.

The island’s government is struggling to provide adequate electricity and electricity is not guaranteed by the government, according to the U.N. The Costa Rican government has promised to offer the island community free electricity, but this has not yet been delivered.

In addition, the government says it will be providing food and medical supplies to the population.


Costa Ricans still cannot find out if their loved ones are safe.

People in Catarinos neighborhood, the community of San Felipe, are still waiting to hear if their relatives are safe from the hurricane.

Some residents have reported being harassed by local authorities because they have not heard from relatives, Silva said.

In the past few weeks, residents have also received reports of missing relatives, which is unacceptable, Silva told a news conference.

Costa Rico has been under severe power outages since the storm hit.

Silva said she believes the storm caused the outage in Catara, but she would not say what caused it.

The hurricane also caused a major storm surge in the Caribbean island, which also disrupted the countrys electrical grid.


Costa Rica’s government still doesn’t have enough money to restore electricity.

Costa Ricardo, the country in the Atlantic, has a $1.4 billion deficit in its budget, and that money has not been distributed as promised.

The government has been spending a lot to repair its infrastructure.

On Monday, the National Telecommunications Company (TECO) reported that it has collected $13 million to restore power in Catareas neighborhoods and a portion of the island.

But the money will only be used to restore a small portion of electricity in Catarieas, where there are more than 4 million people.

TECO said that it will also use $6.6 million to repair and upgrade the electricity network in Catarroas, the capital.

The company said that electricity from all of Catarroa’s power plants has been restored.

5. Costa Rocíos health system remains a mess.

Despite the recovery efforts, the health system still does not have enough resources to run its operations.

The state has been working to expand its electricity grid and provide basic medical care to the residents.

In Catarebas, health care has not come online, as it was originally promised, because the government did not receive the necessary money from the U of T. Costa Rosas Health Ministry reported that only $1 million of the $4.4 million allocated for health care is being spent on it.

That money will be used in a variety of ways, including paying bills for staff and distributing food to the poor.

However, the state has not managed to find enough funds to meet its basic needs, and health care workers are being paid less than minimum wage.


The U.S. is helping Costa Rica rebuild.

President Trump made a surprise visit to Costa Rica last month, where he announced a $25 million package to help rebuild the island after Maria.

Trump also called on the U:S.

to continue to provide assistance to the Caribbean nation.

On Tuesday, Trump met with Costa Rican officials to discuss ways to help recover from the storm.

Costa Maria was the worst hurricane to hit the Caribbean in more than a decade, and many experts have said that the United States must step up and help rebuild.

Costa’s government has also pledged to provide aid, including free food and water, to residents.

The United States will also provide logistical support and help with logistics.


Costa has no electricity and cannot access basic services.

The national grid is currently operating with only partial power.

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