How to get Puerto Rico out of Puerto Rico’s debt crisis

BATTLE CREEK, Texas (AP) The latest in a string of hurricanes and devastating floods in the U.S. mainland, which have sent millions of people into poverty and left thousands homeless, has brought widespread relief to the island’s capital, the island nation of 1.4 million.

Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló declared a state of emergency for Wednesday night and the government has dispatched food and water supplies.

Puerto Rican President Ricardo Rosseló said he will convene a meeting of the nation’s top economic leaders on Friday.

The president has said he plans to travel to the United States to offer assistance.

The hurricane, the strongest in more than 50 years, has killed at least 39 people and destroyed more than 200 structures.

In the latest U.K. poll, the U,S.

and Caribbean region were tied for fourth, behind only the United Kingdom, Mexico and Spain.

It is the second straight week that Puerto Rico has been ranked third.

Rossello said Wednesday the island faces dire economic problems, particularly in the wake of the hurricanes.

The island is the nation with the highest number of people without a job, a lack of adequate housing, and an unemployment rate that exceeds 20 percent, Rossellovac said.

The governor said he has already started sending food and other humanitarian aid to the U and U.N. territories.

He said he also plans to visit Puerto Rico in the next week to meet with residents.

Rosselo said he is considering whether to extend his state of disaster declaration to the mainland, as other U. S. states have done.

But the island will need a federal bailout if it is to get out of the debt crisis.


Sen. Bernie Sanders, an independent from Vermont, has urged the U!


to send billions of dollars to Puerto Rico.

Sanders and U!s Gov.

Ricardo Rosseó have met several times with U. s lawmakers and leaders from the island.

Rosseo said last week that the island was in the “very early stages of a fiscal crisis” and the U !s “responsibility is to act to help.”

Puerto Rico is one of the largest U. s territories.

About 2.6 million people live in the territory, which is split between the U .

S. territory of Puerto Ricans, U. k, and U .

s. territory.

It also has some 1.9 million U. n. residents, mainly Puerto Ricano.

The U. !s territory of St. Croix has about 1.6 millions people.

Puerto Ricos income is lower than that of the U., but it has been growing in recent years, and some U. are also eligible for government aid.