How to cook a Puerto Rico population soup

The soup can be made from wild rice or cooked in a rice cooker.

The recipe calls for three ingredients: rice, chicken and the salt and pepper.

It is also made from a recipe of the soup itself.

The ingredients are cooked together in a slow cooker.

Rice can be left to simmer in water until it becomes mushy.

Chicken is roasted, then fried and served.

Wild rice can be cooked in an instant rice cooker or sautéed in a pan with some soy sauce, salt and black pepper.

You can also cook rice in the same skillet.

If you want, you can also make a soup with rice and fish, as long as it is not a fish dish.

The dish is served with the rice, and the soup can also be served cold, with a side of corn chips.

(AP Photo/Gustavo Jimenez)