How to buy a Costa Rican flag

Costa Rica is set to become the first country to produce a flag with its own national coat of arms, which will become the symbol of the nation for the first time.

Costa Rica has long been an unlikely candidate for a flag-maker, since it has no national flag.

Instead, it has adopted a national flag and coat of colours, which are made by two other countries.

The country has chosen to manufacture its flag in partnership with the National Council of Museums and Artes, a state agency.

It hopes the newly-manufactured flag will give it the credibility it needs to attract more tourists and business.

But the new flag will still have to go through a lengthy process of certification.

“It is a very complicated process to be able to produce the national flag,” said Carlos Castañeda, the director of the National Museums, Artes and Cultural Heritage of Costa Rica.

“It is very expensive, because we are buying two separate materials from two different companies.”

Costa Rican flag, the new coat of armourSource: New ScientistCosta Rico, a former US colony, was recognised by the US as a sovereign nation in 1959, following a referendum.

It remains the poorest country in the Americas, with less than one per cent of its population living in poverty.

Its population grew by more than 15 per cent between 2011 and 2015.

The government has said it will spend $200m on the process of creating the new national flag, and plans to start the process next year.

Costas flag is made of two strands, one yellow and one blue.

The yellow part is yellow to indicate the sun, while the blue part is red to indicate peace.

Costanis flag is the same colour as the coat of the coat itself.

Costarico flag, a green coat of armamentsSource: APCosta, a small island in the Caribbean Sea, was a French colony until independence in 1821.

It is a Spanish colony since 1867.

Costário de la Cruz, a leading designer of the countrys flag, said the flag was designed with a simple and elegant look, using blue to represent the sun and red to represent peace.

The coat of an ancient Costa Rican coat of weaponsSource: GettyImages of the new Costa Rican flags.

Costorico flag (left) and a flag of the United States (right)Source: AFPCosta rico flag from the National Institute of Tourism, Arts and Culture of Costa Rico.

Source: ReutersCosta republicans new flag (right).

Costa Republicans flag, blue to indicate sun, and green to indicate a peace.

Source : AFPCostanisco flag, coat of Arms and coat.

Costanas flag.Source:-/