Costa Rica’s new president is a big fan of taco rinos

Costa Rica has announced that it is giving its new president a “tacos” tattoo to mark his transition to the presidency.

Costa Rica is the first country to elect a president with tattoos on his arms.

It has also decided to ban tattooing of people on the island of Hispaniola, which is the most populated in the Americas.

Costa Rican President Jose Costa announced on Twitter that the new president, who is a native of Mexico, will have a tattoo on his right arm and on his neck.

Costa said the new government will also introduce legislation to legalize the use of marijuana, which has been illegal for decades.

The country also plans to establish a national police force and to allow women to hold the positions of president and vice president.

Costa is also planning to legalize same-sex marriage, and has promised to make Costa Rica the first in Latin America to have such a policy.

The new president has already promised to implement Costa Rica-style policies to help the country’s struggling economy, such as a new $500 million program to pay people back for their investments in the Costa Rican economy.