Chicken Rice Soup: Costa Rica covid virus costs $2.50, but costs are so much cheaper in NYC

Costa Rico, Puerto Rico, May 31, 2017.

The cost of a cup of cairo rice soup, which comes with chicken and rice, is $2 a cup.

In New York City, where the city is under a mandatory curfew, the cost of the cairo is $1.50.

The soup is sold in shops and convenience stores.

The cairo has been the hotness in Puerto Rico since its outbreak last year.

Its death toll reached 2,743.

In Puerto Rico it’s also called chicken rice, and is served with chicken, corn and rice.

The rice is prepared in Puerto Rican restaurants and is often eaten as a snack or added to rice bowls, the CNN affiliate reported.

Cuomo is expected to visit the island, where he is preparing for the UN general assembly.

He is expected on Monday to unveil a new blueprint for Puerto Rico’s recovery and recovery efforts, according to CNN.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.