How to make the most of a grilled sexo rio

RICO, Mexico — It’s hard to describe the feel of a meatless steak sandwich without making it sound like an ersatz fried chicken.But, if you’re like me, the sensation of an easy fried rice sandwich is one you’re going to crave.It’s a perfect blend of flavors, with an earthy, earthy-y […]

The best thing about egg fried Rice

Egg fried rice is a staple of Japanese cuisine and can be found in many sushi restaurants around the world.It is a rice dish which comes with soy sauce, but in Japan it is often fried without soy sauce.I had this dish for lunch a few days ago and I’m […]

Which food is healthier than rice?

The American Heart Association is recommending that people avoid rice because of the link between the grain and heart disease, and the American Cancer Society says it’s best to avoid rice as well.Now, scientists have found a new way to combat heart disease by replacing it with the brown rice […]

Dirty Rice: Costa Rica lyrics

In an effort to find the best dirtiest rice on the planet, I chose to try a new recipe for cheap.The dirtiest food on earth is rice.And the dirtiest ingredient in it?That’s rice, and that’s the cilantro lime rice I am about to share with you.The rice is the main […]

Why Puerto Rico is the ‘New Cuba’

A Puerto Rican map is everywhere.Puerto Ricans are obsessed with Puerto Rico’s rich history and its food, and they’ve created maps of their island to illustrate the region’s rich heritage.These maps show the places they’ve been to, the places where they’ve eaten, and the things they’ve learned about the island […]

Sushi rice for your dinner party

Sushi Rice is a popular dish at dinner parties and even in our houses, and one of our favourite recipes is to make it at home.If you’ve been to a fancy restaurant and are not sure what to make, there are some simple recipes you can get to work on […]

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