How to help Costa Rica recover from Hurricane Maria

A year after Hurricane Maria swept across the Caribbean, the recovery effort for the country is still not complete.The death toll from the Category 5 storm is still rising and the country’s health system is still reeling from the devastation caused by the hurricane, which has left millions homeless.Here’s what […]

How to make spicy rice

What is rice?Rice is a cereal grain.The rice grain is very similar to barley.Rice is one of the grain families that are legumes.It is also a major grain source for legumes like beans and lentils.Rice comes in two types: rice that is white and rice that has a yellow color.The […]

How to Stop Rico from Losing His Cool

We’ll never forget the moment that made Rico’s life so much more interesting.After getting into a scuffle with a man, Rico was pushed to the ground by another man and the two fell into a heated fight.When the two men continued fighting, Ricoh hit the ground hard and broke his […]

Which rice seasoning is best?

Rice seasoning is a delicious, easy-to-prepare ingredient that’s versatile.It’s perfect for soups, stews, sauces, dips, salad dressings and even sauces and dressings for soupy dishes.Here are some of the best rice seasoning recipes from National Geographic: rice sauce: This rice sauce is easy to make, but it can be hard […]

Why is this pork fried rice so damn good?

PORK FRIED RICE: The name Pork Fried Rice is derived from the Japanese word “pyo” (fried), meaning fried.The rice is the perfect condiment for your pork and chicken recipes, so this pork-fried rice is not only delicious but also easy to prepare.A little pork is all you need for a […]

How to get a Puerto Rican tattoo

A tattoo is a permanent marker of belonging to a group of people.For some, it means belonging to an organization or a profession.For others, it can be a way to mark the start of a new chapter.And for some, a tattoo represents the ultimate expression of a person’s identity.In the […]

What is Rice Vinegar?

I recently came across a recipe for rice vinegar on a blog called Rice Vinegars, and I was intrigued by it.I had never heard of rice vinegar before, and so, after a little research, I decided to make my own.Rice vinegar is a relatively new ingredient, though, so I figured […]

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